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It is a wellness tracker jewel bracelet with biometric sensors that detects 3 parameters, daily physical activity, emotional state and daily sleep/rest. Create a daily and weekly profile of your "body/mind" state and through an algorithm provides advice to improve your well-being.

It looks like a normal Tibetan style bracelet with wooden beads and Swarovski Element crystal beads. Each bracelet is made with 3 "LUMI" stones of different colors which recall the 3 fundamental parameters that the system monitors.

Autonomy is guaranteed for 12 months. The bracelet does not recharge like normal activity trackers. This is because we wanted to give the same experience of wearing a real jewel and forgetting about the boring refills of common devices. When the battery is exhausted, it is signaled by the MyLumi Connect app. Replacement is simple, just open the lock and replace the battery with a new CR1025.

There is no button to turn the MyLumi bracelet on or off. It totally turns off at night when it detects your sleep and turns back on with movement during the day. The bracelet is active since the battery is inserted in the sensor board. The strength of the bluetooth signal to communicate data to the app is over 200 times less strong than a regular bluetooth signal.

The bracelet is not waterproof, but it is resistant to splashes of water. So there is no problem washing your hands with the MyLumi bracelet on your wrist. While swimming in the pool and the sea is highly discouraged.

Each MyLumi bracelet is equipped with a sensor block. Among the various sensors we also find an accelerometer and a gyroscope which are used to detect movements. An algorithm transforms the movements into a simulation of whole body activity. In this way, MyLumi is able to determine the type of movement, steps or running, sport, rest and sleep with 96% accuracy.

The detection of mood and emotional states such as stress and anxiety is entrusted to biometric technology together with the artificial intelligence present in the MyLumi Connect app.
Biometric technology relies on face scans to analyze facial expressions. An artificial intelligence capable of learning your facial expressions and muscle tensions is able to recognize your mood and level of stress and anxiety with 90% accuracy.

To associate the MyLumi bracelet with the MyLumi Connect app, follow these simple steps:

  1. Wear The MyLumi Bracelet On Your Wrist
  2. Download The MyLumi Connect App From The App Store Or Google Play Store
  3. Open The MyLumi Connect App And Accept All Notifications
  4. Select The MyLumi Bracelet From The Device Auto-Scan List

If following these steps you are still unable to associate the MyLumi bracelet with your app, fill in the form on this page and you will be contacted within 24 hours.